Video Introduction to Lumi and its historical background

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“The LUMI digital currency Stimulus will be issued in the amount of 6.26 LUMI (equivalent to - US$100) per month to every African Diasporan and every African on the continent, 18 years and above, via a digital wallet. It will be issued for a period of 3 years. 

The first issuance of funds will commence on October 1, 2020, and end in October 2023,” said Timothy McPherson, Minister of Finance of the Accompong Sovereign Nation of the Maroons and Chief of the Economic Community of the African Diaspora 6th Region (ECO-6).

The Accompong Maroons, which is its own village with its own government established in the 17th century in the hills of St. Elizabeth parish on the Caribbean island of Jamaica, commenced using the LUMI as its local currency.

“Accompong’s new currency is a commodity underwritten with solar and renewable energy.

It will contribute to Pan-African climate change initiatives and the development of sustainable energy throughout the diaspora and Africa,” shared H.E McPherson, Canadian born and educated in Economics and Literature.

 At a value of $15.96 US per LUMI, over the next three years, the stimulus funding will support training, entrepreneurship, skills development, business, healthcare, social-economic growth, goods and services in the Diaspora, and within the African Kingdoms. 

“The LUMI is underwritten by 100KWh of solar energy and convertible to 4 grains of gold.  4 grains of gold in weight equals 0.2592 grams.  The current value for 1 LUMI is US$15.96 making it a formidable currency for global Africans,” explained His Excellency Louis-Georges Tin, Prime Minister of SOAD, adding, “The LUMI is essential to our sovereignty. It is our pride, our strength, and our future.”

And what a bright future the LUMI is designed to create; its very name is aimed at sending an enlightening message.

“LUMI from the word LUMINOUS symbolizing the Sun (Ra)…”

Keturah Amoako, the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Repatriation of SOAD commented: 

“We have been waiting for this moment for a very, very long time, the LUMI is the light a beacon which will lead us to economic empowerment, upliftment, and for sure a sense of pride and dignity. 

With the African Kingdoms and the African Diaspora integrated this is the ultimate unity and Pan-Africanism at its finest!’’


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